Meet Premier MMA Championship 11 Fighter Stone Beverly

Premier MMA Championship is set to take place on Saturday February 9th at the Hits Sports & Entertainment Complex in Covington Kentucky presenting a night full of live MMA featuring some of the best up and coming future stars of the sport and featuring Hazard Kentucky’s Stone “Cold” Beverly as he faces off with current Bantamweight Champion Wes Reeves for the Premier MMA Championship Title.
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Some of the athletes who you will see compete inside the cage on February 9th took a few moments out of their training to give you, the fans a little background on who they are and give you their thoughts on their upcoming fight at Premier MMA Championship.
Here is what Stone Beverly had to say about his upcoming title fight February 9th at Premier MMA Championship:
Q- Tell the fans your name?
A-Stone Beverly
Q- Record?
Q- Your Home Town?
Q- What gym do you train with?
A-Warriors Martial Arts
Q-Favorite Training Partner?
A-My brother,Ken Beverly
Q- How long have you been training?
A-April makes 10 years that I’ve been training
Q-BJJ/TKD/Wrestling experience/Belt Level?
A-I am a BJJ blue belt and have wrestling and striking experience
Q-When did you make your MMA debut?
A-I made my MMA debut on April 1st 2017 (one day before my senior trip) 
Q- What made you start competing in MMA?
A-When I was 16, I had been competing in cage grappling and my brother my brother had started fighting and watching him compete in MMA made me want that same experience
Q- How do you feel like you match up with your opponent on February 9th?
A-My opponent is the Bantamweight champion for Premier and he is picked 100% to beat me on tapology but I feel as if I have a very good chance to win this fight.
Q- How do you predict the fight will end? and in what round?
A-I don’t like to make my own predictions for my fights. I like to take what I can get because my opponent has a plan against me as well.
Q- Why should fans come out to see you compete?
A-I feel as if I am a very exciting and fast paced fighter so anyone that watches me fight is going to be on their feet.
Q- If there was one thing you can say to your opponent about your fight on February 9th, what would that be?
A-I would like to wish my opponent good luck and hope we have a great fight.
Q- What has been the most memorable moment of your MMA journey?
A-My most memorable moment in my MMA journey was my 3 losses in a row, because that really taught me that I have much to learn and lots to work on. Ever since I have been putting my nose to the grindstone.
Q- What is your favorite MMA moment as a fan?
A-There are so many of my favorite moments as an MMA fan that I cant even count but if it had to be one, it would be the Conor VS Khabib upset.
Q- When you’re not at the gym training what is your favorite hobby to keep yourself busy?
A-When I’m not in the gym or at work, I like to play some video games or do outdoors things such as shooting guns. 
Q- Outside of MMA what type of job do you have?
A-My daily job is being a Lifeguard at our local indoor pool.
Q- When you’re in the gym training, or just working out what artist or music gets you in a zone?
A-I mostly enjoy music that’s fast paced such as hip-hop, rock, or metal while I’m in the gym
Q-Who is your favorite music group or artist?
A-I have a lot of artists or groups that I like. Just depends on what mood I’m in.
Q-What is your favorite movie?
A-I really like different kinds of movies, lots of old movies and new movies.
Q-Who is your favorite actor/actress?
A-Ryan Reynolds
Q-What’s your favorite color?
A-Lime Green
Q-What is your “go to” meal after weigh-In’s?
A-My go to meal after weigh-ins is lots of pasta.
Q-What’s your favorite quote?

A- “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one” -Bruce Lee

Q-The forum is yours, say anything you would like.
  A-I would just like to thank God for the opportunity to be able to do what I love, my health, and my family and friends.
Fight fan’s, Don’t miss Stone “Cold” Beverly enter the Premier MMA Championship cage on Saturday February 9th in Covington Kentucky as he faces off with current Bantamweight Champion Wes Reeves for the Premier MMA Title at Premier MMA Championship 11.
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