Get To Know Premier MMA Championship Fighter Jordan Mitchell

Premier MMA Championship is set to take place on Saturday February 11th with a night full of live MMA featuring some of the best up and coming talent as well as established veterans from the entire Midwest region.

Some of the athletes that will be featured on the February 11th fight card took a few moments out of their training to give you, the fans a little background on who they are and to give you their thoughts on their upcoming fight at Premier MMA Championship. Here is what Jordan Mitchell had to say about his upcoming fight.

Q-What Gym do you train with?

A-Pitbull Fighting


Q- What is your fighting Style?

A – I love to throw the hands, I call it the “I just whipped your ass” style.


Q-What got you into competing in MMA?

A-“I was constantly finding myself fighting in the streets, way too much, but once I found out I had a daughter on the way and I was going to become a father I knew I had to turn my life around immediately for her and I found that MMA was a way I could channel that fighter mentality I had on the streets and use it as an outlet to stay out of trouble.”


Q-How do you feel you match up against your opponent on February 11th, Ron Fields?

A- “I think I match up good with Ron, I feel my stand up is better and my ground game is better, I’ve never been tapped out in a fight so I don’t see that taking place.


Q-How do you predict the fight will end and in what round?

A-I see me winning by KO or TKO in the 1st round


Q-Why should fans come out and watch you compete?

A-“Because I put on exciting fights, Fans can almost be certain I am either knocking out Ron Fields or I will put him through a 3 round war that he will have to earn the judge’s decision because I am not going to be KO’d or submitted.”


Q-If there is one think you can say to Ron Fields about your fight on February 11th, what would it be?

A-“Don’t take me lightly, I know he has years more of experience than myself and has had a ton of professional fights but I am still just getting started, With my new training regime and desire to succeed in the sport this is the first fight that I am coming into with this new found hunger, if he takes me lightly he is going to regret it”


Q-Premier MMA Championship is hosting their inaugural event on February 11th at the Radisson Hotel Cincinnati Riverfront in Covington KY, Why is this a must see MMA show?

A-“Because I’m on it of course! lol, but in all seriousness Premier MMA Championship has booked some of the best fighters coming from different parts of the Midwest on this show, the real question is why wouldn’t you want to watch the next generation of world champions compete live.


Jordan Mitchell and Ron Fields step inside the cage on Saturday February 11th at the Radisson Cincinnati Riverfront in Covington KY in the first of several Premier MMA Championship events scheduled at the venue for 2017, with the next two being April 8th and then again on May 27th.

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