Meet Premier MMA Championship 7 Fighter Justin Brown




Premier MMA Championship is set to take place on Saturday April 14th at the all new Hits Sports & Entertainment Complex in Covington Kentucky presenting a night full of live MMA featuring some of the best up and coming future stars of MMA, as well as the best un-signed and established veterans in the entire Midwest region.

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Some of the athletes who you will see compete live on April 14th took a few moments out of their training to give you, the fans a little background on who they are and give you their thoughts on their upcoming fight at Premier MMA Championship.


Here is what Justin Brown had to say about his upcoming fight:

Q- Tell the fans your name?
A-Justin “Goodnews” Brown
Q-How old are you?
A-Age 33
Q- Record
Q- Your Home Town?
A-Toledo, OH
Q- What gym do you train with?
A-Pro Am Fitness
Q-Favorite Training Partner?
A-Jesse Murra
Q- How long have you been training?
A-6 years
Q-BJJ/TKD/Wrestling experience/Belt Level?
A-Collegiate Wrestler
Q-When did you make your MMA debut?
Q- What made you start competing in MMA?
A-A way to get back into shape
Q- How do you feel like you match up with your opponent on April 14th?
A-I will come out on top.
Q- How do you predict the fight will end? and in what round?
A-Ground and Pound Rnd 1
Q- Why should fans come out to see you compete?
A-This fight I am looking to make a statement and leave no doubt in peoples’ mind that I can fight at the next level.
Q- If there was one thing you can say to your opponent about your fight on April 14th, what would that be?
A-Good luck and may the best man win
Q- What has been the most memorable moment of your MMA career?
A-Winning my first ammy belt.
Q- What is your favorite MMA moment as a fan?
A-Stipe winning gold
Q- When you’re not at the gym training what is your favorite hobby to keep yourself busy?
Q- Outside of MMA what type of job do you have?
A-Distribution Manager
Q- When you’re in the gym training, or just working out what artist or music gets you in a zone?
A-Celtic music
Q-What is your favorite quote?
A-Really don’t have one
Q-What is your all time favorite movie?
Q-Who is your favorite actor/actress?
A-Sam Elliott
Q-What is your all time favorite song?
Q-Who is your favorite music artist?
A-Alice in Chains
Q- In closing the forum is yours, you have the freedom to say whatever you would like
A-Thanks for the opportunity and see ya soon


Fight fan’s, Don’t miss Undefeated Justin Brown on Saturday April 14th in Covington Kentucky when he enters the Premier MMA Championship cage to face Paul Schommer.


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