Marcus Finch vs Tony Parker set for Premier MMA Championship

If you’re a mixed martial arts fan in the Greater Cincinnati area then there is no doubt you know the names Marcus Finch and Tony Parker, both have been highly popular in the area dating back to 2007 when Tony Parker made his amateur debut in Cincinnati Ohio and Marcus Finch debuted not long afterwards in early 2008.
These fighters have very similar paths in Mixed Martial Arts, both bursting on the scene within months of each other, both decorated amateur champions and both training with high-profile gyms with Parker at Vision MMA and Finch at Cincy MMA & Fitness.

As both fighters entered 2010 the similarities continued, both fighters now with 10 amateur fights under their belt both decide it’s time to make the jump to the professional ranks in which both men were victorious in their Professional debut fights, however what 2010 also had in common was that Marcus Finch and Tony Parker were now both training together at Vision MMA and helping one another prepare and get ready for their professional careers.

Now, that brings us to February 11th 2017, Tony Parker now a veteran of 26 professional fights and Marcus Finch a veteran of 18 professional fights no longer train together and will now enter the cage to face off with one another in a fight many local fans have wanted to see for nearly a decade.

I know with the promotional side of this industry now is where I’m supposed to sell tickets and write about the “bad blood” and the “training partners turned foes” and how each fighter can’t wait to prove they are the better fighter than their old training partner and how this is going to be a “war”, but the truth is both of these fighters have the same respect for each other today as they did when they trained together, both fighters have said almost the exact same thing about this fight in that “Business is Business” and “This will be fun” so if you were hoping for trash talk animosity it’s not happening with these two guys, now the “war” part, that part will absolutely hold true, let’s not let their respect for one another hide the fact that once that cage door closes they will be in for one hell of a fight.

Parker, a wrestler who has won 100% of his fights by either submission or decision will be looking to take Finch to the ground as early as possible and keep the action there and Finch, the boxer who has never been submitted in his entire career will look to keep that streak in tact by avoiding Parkers strength and looking to find another KO victory to add to his resume.

Which fighter will ultimately control where this fight ends up? Will Tony Parker be able to  hand Marcus Finch his first submission defeat of his career? Will Marcus Finch be able to keep Parker on his feet and find that KO he will be looking for? Maybe they will shock us all and Parker will look for the KO and Finch will search for a submission, only one way to find out (Now I’ll insert the shameless ticket sale plug) and that’s by being there live to witness a fight many have wondered “what if” for a decade.

You won’t want to miss this fight live in person on Saturday February 11th at the Radisson Cincinnati Riverfront in Covington KY, Don’t regret not getting your ticket in time as tickets are limited and can be purchased by contacting either fighter or by CLICKING HERE.
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