Official results from Premier MMA Championship 4



Premier MMA Championship 4 took place Saturday August 19th at the Radisson hotel in Covington Kentucky. Here is a list of the nights results.

1. Phillip McIntosh defeated Tyler Crandall
2. Josh Demas defeated Chris Anness
3. Sean Foster defeated DJ Smith
4. Cameron Taylor defeated Ron Eikelberger
5. Floyd Cisco defeated Brandon Wren
6. Ilyaz Mamadaliyev defeated Kalan Kumpf
7. Wes Reeves defeated Neil Mullins
8. Maya Stewart defeated Alyssa Vasquez
9.Jake Kools defeated Jeff Wipfel
10. Raleigh Abbott defeated Brad Hutcheison
11. Keith Froelich defeated Blake Golden
12. Jeff Mack defeated Kwinn Davis
13. Lloyd Thornton defeated Cody Gabelman
14. Ben Rowland defeated Ron Fields to become the Premier MMA Championship Professional Heavyweight Champion.
Premier MMA Championship will return to the Rasdisson Hotel on Friday October 6th.