Meet Premier MMA Championship 15 Fighter Jimmy Sandlin

Premier MMA Championship is set to return to action on Saturday January 23rd at The Hits Complex in Covington Kentucky presenting a night full of live fights featuring some of the best up and coming future stars of MMA, as well as the best un-signed and established veterans in the entire Southeast and Midwest region.

For those who can’t make the trip to Covington Kentucky you can watch the show LIVE on PPV HERE.

Some of the athletes who you will see compete live on January 23rd took a few moments out of their training to give you, the fans a little background on who they are and give you their thoughts on their upcoming fight at Premier MMA Championship.

Here is what Jimmy Sandlin had to say about his upcoming fight:

Q- Tell the fans your name?

A-Jimmy “Sandstorm” Sandlin



Q- Record?

A-Pro 2-1

Q- Your Hometown?

A-Carlisle, Ohio

Q- What gym do you train with?

A-Queen City Grappling Club

Q-Favorite Training Partner?


Q- How long have you been training?

A-Training MMA seriously for 2 years straight, about 3 years in total.

Q-BJJ/TKD/Wrestling experience/Belt Level?

A-Wrestler since the 1st grade, serious from JR high school and on.

4X Ohio State Qualifier, 3rd and 2nd at State, 174-21 high school regular season record.NHSCA All-American.

4-year varsity college athlete (3 years Division 2 and 1 year Division 3).

White Belt in Jiu Jitsu

Q-When did you make your MMA debut?

A-Amateur debut August 13th 2016, and Pro Debut Jan 25th, 2020 for Premier MMA Championship.

Q- What made you start competing in MMA?

A-Mostly because of all of the years and hard work I spent in wrestling, being a Pro athlete was one of my biggest goals, and the drive to be a championship fighter

Q- How do you feel like you match up with your opponent?

A-I think we have a contrast in styles but more even than on paper.

Q- How do you predict the fight will end? and in what round?

A-Someone is getting finished, round 2 is usually where the fun is at.

Q- Why should fans come out to see you compete at Premier MMA Championship?

A-I always look to finish my opponents every second of the fight. I have unusual styles and no one else is Sandstorm.

Q- If there was one thing you can say to your opponent about your fight what would that be?

A-Let’s have a great fight!

Q- What has been the most memorable moment of your MMA journey?

A-The most memorable moment for me has been my Amateur Title defense against Cameron McIntosh. Many reasons but in short we had a wild fight, I got cut off of his first jab and the fight almost got waived off multiple times through the first 3 rounds, I broke my hand in the 4th round, stare downs, and I dug deep finding a way to win and retain my Title.

Q- What is your favorite MMA moment as a fan?

A-Watching the Season 1 TUF Finale and knowing MMA was going to be huge.

Q- Who is your all-time favorite MMA fighter? and why?

A-I really like Eddie Alverez’s drive to win multiple World Championship belts in different organizations.

Q- When you’re not at the gym training what is your favorite hobby to keep yourself busy?

A-I enjoy spending time with my son currently, I also like to walk/ hike trails and watch shows.

Q- Outside of MMA what type of job do you have?

A-I am a RCA for the USPS

Q- When you’re in the gym training, or just working out what artist or music gets you in a zone?

A-I always grew up listening to Linkin Park, Disturbed, and Korn. I enjoy alternative rock, heavy metal, dubstep, electronic, and industrial.

Q-Who is your favorite music group or artist?


Q-What is your favorite movie?

A-The Matrix

Q-Who is your favorite actor/actress?

A-Sigourney Weaver and Keanu Reeves

Q-What is your favorite color?


Q-What is your go to meal after weigh-In’s?

A-Coconut Water, Chipotle, and a Burger.

Q-What is your favorite quote?

A-“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” Mark Twain

Fight fan’s don’t miss Jimmy Sandlin on Saturday January 23rd in Covington Kentucky when he enters the Premier MMA Championship cage to face Irvin Jones.

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