Meet Premier MMA Championship’s Andy Locker

Premier MMA Championship is set to take place on Saturday April 8th with a night full of live MMA featuring some of the best up and coming talent as well as established veterans in the entire Midwest region.
Some of the athletes that will be featured on the April 8th fight card took a few moments out of their training to give you,the fans a little background on who they are and give you their thoughts on their upcoming fight at Premier MMA Championship.
Q- Tell the fans your name?
A- My name Andy Locker. Fight name Andy the bluegrass kid Locker
Q- Your Home Town?
A- Lexington KY.
Q- What gym do you train with?
A- Underground MMA Richmond KY
Q- What made you start competing in MMA?
A- Started MMA by crossing over from boxing
Q- Why should fans come out to see you compete?
A-Fans should come because I’m also fighting for them
Q- If there was one thing you can say to your opponent about your fight on April 8th, what would that be?
A- To my opponent I guess whould say even after battle no matter who wins still my brother through Christ and fall down 7times stand up 8
Q- When your not at the gym training what is your favorite hobby to keep yourself busy?
A- Swimming playing with my daughter and reading searching for higher learning.
Q- Outside of MMA what type of job do you have?
A- Valvoline instant oil change
Q- When your in the gym training, or just working out what artist or music gets you in a zone?
A-  Tupac,jelly roll, Christian music
Q- In closing the forum is yours, you have the freedom to say whatever you would like
A-  I’m 34. From 13yr old grew up in poor rough neighborhoods around drug and violence and fighting and for my life everyday and grew up in juvenile detention and commented to the state and incarcerated as adult. I Turned my life over to Christ and  now have a 15yr old daughter who is deaf and she not only owns my heart but she saved my life, the girl I was with for 6yrs I was going to marry and was my wife passed away 2012, my grandmother a few yrs back, I work full time and GED class and mentor to youth and recovery addicts as well as take care of my father who has COPD, there’s much more but not enough time so there is just a little more about me. Thank you all for the love and support, love and peace- Andy Locker

Andy Locker will step inside the cage on Saturday April 8th at the Radisson Cincinnati Riverfront in Covington KY in the second of several Premier MMA Championship events scheduled at the venue for 2017, with the next set to take place on Saturday May 27th.

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