Ticket Policy

Like any live sporting event company we have no way of guaranteeing that any athlete who is originally advertised and scheduled to appear will appear as scheduled due to many different reasons that could cause them to no longer compete in their scheduled bout and while we understand the excitement of wanting to see a specific person compete, all tickets are sold as is with the athletes appearing being subject to change with no refunds or exchanges if their bout is cancelled and there will be NO refunds and NO exchanges for any reason and Premier MMA Championship, it’s representatives and venue’s reserve the right to eject anyone from the event for any reason without a ticket refund or exchange.

With any sport teams/leagues, athlete availability can change up until the moment they step inside the competition area to compete, much like when you can buy tickets to see (ex: Lebron James) play there is no guarantee that he steps on the floor if he has an injury the week before, during warmup’s the night you are there or any other issue that could cause him to be unavailable for the game he was originally scheduled to appear in and live event tickets to come with that risk that the scheduled athlete you came to see does not compete and you agree to that risk upon accepting our ticket policy agreement when purchasing.